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Memberi instruksi dalam bahasa Inggris untuk guru yang mengajar di kelas bilingual atau sekolah RSBI.

Ini merupakan  cara Memberi instruksi dalam bahasa Inggris dan   pendekatan yang positif terhadap disiplin dalam bahasa Inggris bagi guru yang mengajar di kelas bilingual atau sekolah RSBI.

1.       Giving instructions in English (Memberi instruksi dalam bahasa Inggris)
Sitting down and standing up
Moving around
Come in and please sit down.
Ok – sit down now please.
Sit down together at your tables.
Ok – everyone – sit down – quietly.
Ana – sit down over there – with your friend.

Purnomo, turn around and face the front.
Ok, everybody, stop talking now and listen carefully.

Ok, please stand up. And don’t make too much noise.
Everybody up! That’s right!
Stand still! Don’t move.
Stay in your places! Stay where you are.
Right. Taro, can you come here please?
Ok, come out here to the front of the class.
Ok, your group, come up to the front.
Right, now, you, you, and you …come over here

Now, get into a line, stand in a line.
I want you to make two lines, along here . . .
Like this, one behind the other.
Let’s see…move up a bit…good, that’s nice and straight?

Can you make a circle? A nice round circle. Good?
Not too close…a bit further apart…step back a bit, that’s better
Suresh…come forward a bit… yes, that’s it.
Ok. Thank you now go back to your places.

2.       Being good – a positive approach to discipline (Berperilaku baik – pendekatan yang positif terhadap disiplin)
  • Please Stop Talking Now. No More Talking For A Bit. Good You Lot. That Is Niceand Quiet. You Others…Shh. Calm Down Now, OK. That’s Better.
  • Quiet Please! Settle Down And Listen. That’s Good Eva. Thank You Emilio.
  • Everyone Is Sitting Nicely…Except For Tom! Tom, could you sit down like the other please? Thank you. OK…
  • Ok, we need to be quieter to hear what everybody is saying. These two groups are doing am excellent job. Thank you for being quiet. And now we are waiting for…
  • Now whe can tell me the name of the book? Lots of hands raised. Excellent.

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