Sabtu, 12 Mei 2012

Gross Regional Domestic Product (GDP)

The existence of companies, both national and multinational that produces the goods / services end will also indirectly influence the revenue of a region. The structure of the economy of a province or district area will either affect or are also influenced by the number of firms operating in the region. The higher the value of the goods / services produced end of the existing companies in areas of provincial or district then the higher the acquisition of its GDP and economic growth in a region will also increase.

Increased regional economic growth through increased GDP will spur an increase in national economic growth. Thus the GDP can be defined as the amount of product in the form of goods and services produced by the production units in the area for 1 (one) year. In the calculation of GDP is also included products produced by foreign companies operating in the area (eg, MC Donald, Carrefour, PT Nutrisia, PT Danone and so on)

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