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Pleasure, Displeasure (senang & tidak senang)

Pleasure, Displeasure (senang & tidak senang)

Displeasure/tidak senang
·         It’s really delightful/Iam delighted
·         I’m satisfied
·         That’s great
·         That’s wonderful
·         It’s really a great pleasure
·         I’m dissatisfied
·         We are fed up with…
·         I feel dosappointed
·         She is extremely displeased

Other expressions
Expression Pleasure
Expression Displeasure
a.       I’m so happy ….
b.      I feel ….
c.       How happy to …
d.      I’m very pleasure with …
e.      It’s a pleasure to …
f.        Pleasure
g.       Great!
h.      Terrific!
i.         I’m pleased.
j.        I enjoyed it
k.       I love it.
l.         It was terrifi c.
m.    I’m delighted.
a. I feel …
b. I’m really sad to …
c. ….. feel unpleased with ….
d. I feel disappointed.

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